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Chiropractic Techniques

Becoming familiar with the common and best chiropractic technique will help you feel comfortable and less overwhelmed when you visit the clinic for the first time.

Each chiropractor has their own preferences and may use one or a mix of techniques depending on the patient’s condition.

The techniques mentioned below are some of the most common techniques used around the country:

1. Flexion Distraction

Chiropractors use the flexion distraction technique for several lumbar conditions, including lower back pain, disc injuries, and sciatica. This technique will increase the overall spinal motion and fix any disc bulges or herniations. To do this, chiropractors use a special table that allows them to manipulate the way the patient's spine is positioned. This technique will allow essential nutrients to get back into the spine. This technique does not cause any pain.

2. Gonstead Technique

The Gonstead technique is named after its founder, is known as the most precise and effective technique because it relieves pain and promotes the optimal adjustment of the spine. It is widely considered to be more than just a “quick fix”. This hands-on technique is done by adjusting the spine and pelvic area. This will require the patient to lie on his or her side as this will give the chiropractor the advantage of being able to freely realign the joints. If pain and stiffness is limiting the person's overall mobility, then the Gonstead Technique is perfect for them.

Best Chiropractor Fort Worth is well known to offer one of the best chiropractic adjustments using this technique.

3. Activator Method

The Activator method technique is intended for the use of alleviating back and neck pain as well as pain in the extremities. A chiropractor will use a special activator tool to help make the adjustment. The patient will benefit from this tool because it will deliver short, low-pulse that will pinpoint the affected areas. The speed of this device will prevent the body from tensing up which usually happens during manual techniques.

But perhaps the most significant benefit to this technique is that the pulse applied to the area will prevent the joints and muscles to jolt, bend or, put in a different position.

4. Extremity Manipulation

As the name suggests, this technique involves the extreme manipulation of the joints outside the spine the shoulder, hip, knee, elbow and ankles. This could be done for various reasons but mostly for carpal tunnel and other posture related discomfort. The idea is to realign all the joints to cause less stress on the spine.

5. Spinal Manipulation

This the the technique that people automatically think about when they hear chiropractor. The ultimate goal of this technique is to restore the joint function and mobilization in the spinal column. It uses a gentle thrusting motion that stretches the spinal column to activate the joints. This is a gentle form of manipulation compared to others.

6. The Drop Technique

The Drop technique, also known as the Thompson technique, uses a unique table that can drop by tiny increments as the chiropractor applies pressure in a thrusting motion to adjust a person's spine or other extremities.

Taking care of your spinal column may be the difference to ageing gracefully or having to deal with back pains and other joint pains that will hinder you from enjoying your golden years. Take advantage of the simple but effective techniques that the best chiropractors offer.

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