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Gonstead Chiropractic Fort Worth

Gonstead Chiropractic Fort Worth

The Gonstead method of chiropractic care stems from the research made by Dr. Gonstead. He established principles that stated the importance of the pelvic girdle to our bodies. Misaligned vertebrae that are connected to the spine can cause pain and deteriorate health. The pinching of nerves in the spine is called subluxation, which produces inflammation and disruptions to body impulses. Visit the Gonstead Chiropractic Fort Worth to know more about this approach.

Spine adjustments and other treatments help by ensuring that the body can adequately administer its healing properties. This treatment follows a natural process that requires no artificial drugs or invasive surgical procedures. Aside from being a treatment, it has evolved to become a practice for maintaining a healthy lifestyle through nutritional intake planning and physical therapy approaches.

The Gonstead Technique

To start, the chiropractor administers the Gonstead technique by analyzing the spine’s current state and inspecting for misalignment and compressed nerves. The practitioner will plan a specific plan or regimen to correct these aberrations according to the patient’s health from this information. Keep in mind that the body has natural healing abilities that aid a human’s growth and development. By correcting these subluxations, the spine relaxes, and the body can go ahead healing it naturally.

The Gonstead technique addresses other areas needing chiropractic care. These body parts often need proper alignment, as well: hip, shoulder, elbow, wrist, knee, and foot. In most cases, injuries in these parts are caused by physical activities or accidents. Aside from that, the Gonstead technique is also a safe method for chiropractors that undertake pregnancy-related issues, childbirth-related issues, poor posture, scoliosis, and improving movement. The practice of chiropractic care helps the body deal with sleeping disorders and enhances its immune system’s protection.

The Gonstead technique is much safer for a neck adjustment. According to many patients that have undergone this method, it is a comfortable process, and it helps increase motion to the stiff and painful neck.

The Gonstead technique is not widely practiced due to its specialized methods. Gonstead Chiropractic Fort Worth professionals have mastered the art of this approach. To be able to perform this chiropractic approach, the chiropractor must have experienced and highly skillful. According to Dr. Gonstead, there are five bases for analyzing the spine and searching for subluxations.

Visualization - The chiropractor detects subtle posture changes and variations in the way you move.

Instrumentation - The Nervoscope glides between your spine to check for uneven heat distribution caused by pressure or inflammation of the nerves.

Static Palpation - The practitioner uses his/her hands or finger to feel any swollen or tender parts of your muscles and tissues while you on a stationary position.

Motion Palpation - The chiropractor feels for any irregular texture in your muscles or tissues to know and feel how much difficulty you have when moving.

X-Ray Analysis - The chiropractor examines your spine’s structure and assesses posture, state of your joints, misaligned vertebrae, and other problems adding to the issue.

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